Krogerfeedback customer survey is an initiative taken by Kroger for its customers to provide valuable feedback about the retail chain. This helps the management to understand the overall customer satisfaction. Anyone can take part in the Kroger customer satisfaction survey and receive free 50 bonus fuel points in return for taking the survey.

Once you take the survey you will automatically enter a lucky draw where you can win Kroger monthly sweepstakes rewards of $100 and up to $5000.

For instant takeaways and sweepstakes, you will be provided with a Krogerfeedback survey code at the end of the survey that you can redeem from any of the Kroger stores.

Monthly Rewards$5000 or $100 Gift Card
Instant Win50 Bonus Fuel Points
Receipt Valid For7 Days
Entry MethodsOnline Entry, Entry by Mail
Entry Limit for Fuel Points1 Weekly Entry

Requirements to Enter KrogerFeedback Survey

The KrogerFeedback fuel points survey is managed by Kroger itself using an online survey tool and they keep a close eye on the submitted feedback. So, before you dive into taking the survey and entering the lucky draw or get free Kroger 50 fuel points, There are some eligibility requirements from the Kroger management that must be fulfilled in order to successfully redeem your reward.

  • Age Requirements: You must be at least 18 years or older to enter the Kroger sweepstakes.
  • Legal Requirements: You must be a Legal Resident of the United States of America.
  • Language: You must know how to speak and read any of the two languages as the Kroger feedback survey is only available in either English or Spanish.
  • Purchase Receipt: You must have the receipt from your last purchase at Kroger to enter the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey. Receipts older than 7 days are not accepted.

However, the Rewards in the form of Kroger fuel Points or Kroger Digital Coupons can be redeemed at any time and can also be used for online purchases.

For more rules and eligibility please give a read to the official rules of the Monthly sweepstakes Starting 1st January 2019. The Sweepstakes will continue every month throughout the year with 3 entry periods each month. You can enter the sweepstakes at the start of the month until the month-end. 

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How to Take Part In KrogerFeedback?

Taking the Kroger survey and entering the lottery is easy, All you have to do is

  1. Visit from your personal computer or mobile phone. Don’t forget to have your receipt with you.
  2. Now enter the Date and Time of your Visit to Kroger from the receipt along with the Entry ID. If your visit is older than 7 days you can not continue the survey. Make sure you are entering the sweepstakes with a valid receipt.
  3. Now all you have to do is answer each question asked according to your experience at Kroger. Rate each question out of 10. 10 being the best and 0 being the worst.
  4. Once you have completed the Questionnaire you have successfully entered the lucky draw of krogerfeedback.

At the end of the survey, you will receive a Survey validation code for 50 Kroger fuel Points that you can redeem at any time or can also use it for online purchases.

What Questions are Asked in Krogerfeedback – Guest Satisfaction Survey

The purpose of the KrogerFeedback survey questions is to know what people think about the Company/Store/Restaurant, and all the questions are related to how your previous visit to Kroger was.

To make sure Kroger Customers are satisfied with their service and quality standards you will be asked questions related to the following things and you have to rate your experience at Kroger accordingly.

  • You will be asked to rate the Environment, Cleanliness, and behavior/friendliness of the Kroger staff.
  • You will then be asked to rate the products offered at the Kroger. The Quality, Availability and the range.
  • Afterward, you will be asked some personalized questions, for example, Is the price of the products is justifiable or not.

To keep track of the Survey submissions and Sweepstakes, Kroger management will ask you some personal information Like your

  • Name,
  • Address
  • and Phone Number.

Enter the correct information without any hesitation as it is only required to enter survey takers to the krogerfeedback fuel points Lucky Draw only.

Your personal data will not be sold out and will not be used for any other marketing purposes.

This is all you have to do to WIN 50 bonus fuel points and $5000 Kroger monthly Sweepstakes.

Kroger feedback Winners List

Winners of the Sweeps stakes are announced at the end of each month. To see the winner list you can visit here. or send a self-address stamped envelope to be received by the end of next month of the entry date. Customer survey monthly winner list, PMI Station, PO BOX 750-W Southbury, CT 06466-0750.

Questions Asked in Kroger Feedback 50 Bonus Fuel Points Survey

Once you enter the survey, you will be asked about the department you made your previous purchase, Fill in the departments i.e Food, Cosmetics, Frozen, Households, etc

It’s a huge store, and overall feedback of the experience is hard to give so breaking down to department level makes it easier to locate where the improvement is required.

Once you are done with that, you will now be asked general questions about your visit to Kroger Stores and you will be given a scale 1 – 5. 1 being the lowest/worst and 5 being the highest/perfect.

General questions are not something that is hard to answer, below are a few examples just to let you know what you are getting yourself into.

  • How was your previous visit to Kroger Stores?
  • Were the staff available when needed?
  • How would you rate the behavior of the Kroger staff?
  • How would you rate the overall quality standards of our store?
  • How likely are you to visit Kroger again?
  • Were you able to find what you were looking for?
  • How would rate the quality of the products?
  • How would you rate the product availability?
  • How would you rate the cleanliness of the Store?

And a few other aspects like price, customer service checkout process, etc.

So, take your time and correct experience ratings are encouraged as this will help Kroger Stores to improve those areas and provide you with better services in the future.

You will also be asked to leave some suggestions and comments at the end of the Kroger Feedback survey.

Once you are done, all you have to do is hit the submit button and win 50 Kroger fuel points and get yourself an entry for $5000 lucky draw

Please Note: Kroger Feedback Survey is only available at Kroger does not contact any individual customer for the survey unless in-store staff members reach out to you themselves. Any Kroger feedback request on social media is not a part of Kroger. Kroger does not offer DIGITAL COUPONS for groceries.

Contact Kroger Customer Service

If you are having trouble taking the survey Leave it in the comments below or

Contact Kroger Customer Care at:

Telephone – 1-800-576-4377

Sponsor: Kroger Co., 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati OH, 45202

Operational hours

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 12 pm EST

Saturday & Sunday: 8am to 9:30pm EST

Survey WebsiteWebsite


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12 Replies to “Krogerfeedback – Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. I visited the new krogers today @100 court st. I have to say i was disappointed it was overstaffed and not the greatest attitudes at ALL. I didnt like the design its tight and the atmosphere made me feel under dressed to pop in krogers after the gym. It was very uppity and definitely not geared towards elderly or handicapped mom opted not to come in because the walk was tooo far. Not to mention they DONT accept EBT i feel like the location and everything about this store says its not for middle class or elderly it did everything but hang a WHITE ONLY sign outside. Im sorry its the worst kroger grand opening ive ever been to and wouldmt want to go bk. I would not do a whole month of shopping and have to lug all those groceries far. That $15 spent and free pking in bad taste as well. Krogers REALLY know how to make certain groups feel like they cant shop there. I rather travel to corryville krogers or the krogers on harrison in DENT. Then 10 mins to your krogers!!!!!!

  2. I’ve shopped at this Kroger’s on JFK for years now; I really love and appreciate the renovation. This store is always busy and (seemingly) always properly staffed and stocked. I have noticed the management move staff around to accommodate the customers. I’ve overheard the (pleasant) conversations between co workers and I’ve witnessed the staff restocking the shelves and fruit veggies areas as needed… thank you. And, I visit there often that customers ask me where to find items! With all being said, I want to say thank you to the employees at this location. And with the holidays just around the corner, I want to ask that you please put the same effort of making this the “go to” Kroger store that you’ve been during all year long. Believe me, people are watching you and people (like me) are appreciating you. Thank you for providing great customer service!

  3. Visited Kroger, Beaver WVlocation. I bought fried chicken from deli. The chicken was cooked at 9 am, my store receipt shows check out time 12:59. I didn’t notice the time difference, I didn’t return the item as it was not worth the drive. Very disappointed. Should have been fresh food on the shelves.

  4. Why are the Kroger gift cards not able to be reloaded? This has been the main reason that I shop at Kroger’s spending more than $400 a month. I submitted a feedback form with no acknowledgement that it had even been received. TO advertise that customers need to ask and they will be helped is false advertising. Even the store Customer Service does not know why the reloadable cards are no longer available. Now you have added the code for each Kroger card which is even more inconvenient and not helpful.

  5. I am a kroger shopper. Hoover Road is my Kroger. I have been getting my prescriptions there since 2004. Everyone has been so nice and I know a few names and they know mine. I would love for some of their prices to be lower but I am satisfied with their deals when they have. And I use the cleaners there.

  6. I would have liked to take the feedback survey but I do not have an entry ID on my receipt. I have filled out the survey in the past and the receipts had the information required but I have been to 2 different Fry’s stores in the past 2 weeks and neither receipt had an entry ID.

  7. Kroger in midlothian tx.
    Go there all the time. Finally got over the fact that they were forcing me to self check. They always have a minimum of registers open. But now they want to charge .50 for cash back. So I’m taking someone’s job and you are charging me to do it. Not cool!

  8. I love to shop @ Kroger (King Sooper) In Longmont Colorado..They usually are well stocked w/ fresh produce (my prime purchases) and and have very pleasant employees ……….

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